We are a team of talented and passionate professionals with backgrounds in architecture, interior design, planning, construction, and project management. Together we possess the technical knowledge and strategic planning skills to get your project started in the shortest time possible. We will also go well beyond submitting the permit applications, we will be there to support you in every phase of the process to ensure its successful completion. Permit Studio offer permit expediting and building permits services nationwide.

Headshot Ashish Shah

Ashish Shah

Founder, President & CEO

Ashish began working as a permit consultant in Chicago, IL in 2008. Having found a passion for this business he founded Cornerstone Permit Company in 2014. Ashish has worked with residential real estate, hotels, restaurants, sporting arenas, retail, liquor and business licenses and sign permits. With his leadership, Ashish has grown Cornerstone into a company that serves its clients nationwide with decades of experience its employees have amongst them. He loves that every working day and every project is different and allows him to constantly meet new people and widen his experiences. Having been a dj and lover of house music, Ashish’s love for Chicago runs deep and enjoys that it is home to Cornerstone’s headquarters.

Rosalie Paca-Shah: Chief Administrative Officer
William Wabel: Senior Project Manager
Richard Rodriguez: Senior Project Manager
Jen McBride: Project Coordinator: DDS
Alexandra Hernandez: Assistant Project Manager
Mo’Nique Craig: Accounting
Miguel Garcia: Project Manger
Joyce Agulan: Project Manager – LA
Madison Rosa: Senior Project Manager – NYC
Nikki Kozak: Assistant Project Manager
Bryanna McNeal: Assistant Project Manager